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04 Jan 2021 Ethics and sustainabilityIndustry NewsLegislationTips and tricks Becoming a B Corp – the legal implications Boodle Hatfield Associate, Hugo Brown and junior client advisor at Rothschild & Co, Tom O’Keeffe, outline what a B Corporation is, why more businesses no longer regard ESG as optional and the legal implications involved.  ... read more
14 Dec 2020 Tips and tricks Your first funding round – 6 things you need to know For many entrepreneurs completing their first round of funding is a well earned validation of the time and energy they have to put into their venture. As investors and founders both know, however, such a round is hopefully only a preliminar... read more
12 Nov 2020 Tips and tricks How to start a business: Setting up and getting going This article is designed to be an introduction to some of the key practical matters an entrepreneur needs to deal with when they start a business… ... read more
25 Sep 2020 Tips and tricks Covid-19 doesn’t sound the death knell for UK’s SMEs Richard Hill of Stonehage Fleming argues that for those with the right mindset, the disruption brought by COVID-19 can provide opportunity for new businesses and working practices. ... read more
17 Aug 2020 Industry NewsTips and tricks Who Needs Investors? 7 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Fashion Business Starting a fashion brand without the backing of family money or industry connections is difficult, but not impossible. So what does it take to succeed? ... read more
10 Jul 2020 Industry NewsLegislationTips and tricks Are you flexi furlough ready? 10 issues for employers to consider It is estimated that the furlough scheme is currently subsidising the wages of approximately 9 million employees. We set out below some of the key issues for employers to consider as the furlough scheme changes. ... read more
22 Apr 2020 Tips and tricks Q&A – Business as (un)usual during the COVID-19 lockdown: the practicalities of executing documents, getting documents legalised and holding shareholder meetings This Q&A is intended to provide guidance to those seeking to navigate the choppy and uncertain waters of the COVID-19 outbreak. ... read more
06 Dec 2019 LegislationTips and tricks Employee share schemes Offering employees shares in a business can be a great way to align interests and to recruit, motivate and retain staff. ... read more
21 Nov 2019 Tips and tricks What about real estate? Want to know what opportunities the founder and CEO of TravelPlus is excited about for the New Year? Check out his article on the Entrepreneur website. ... read more
18 Oct 2019 LegislationTips and tricks Protecting business from a divorce – what steps to take? A divorce can force businesses to break up, with painful consequences not just for the parties directly involved. This article examine steps that can be taken to avoid such outcomes and mitigate damage. ... read more
09 Oct 2019 Tips and tricks 5 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Revealed How many of these traits do you have? ... read more
30 Sep 2019 Tips and tricks What happens to your company shares if you die? How do your company shares pass under your Will? ... read more