Rahul Thakrar, Partner and Fred Clark, Associate advised JiveBird, an eGreeting start up, on changes to its constitution at an early stage to provide a platform to seek and obtain further investment.

JiveBird is a 100% digital eGreeting and eGifting experience platform. It allows consumers to send a personally recorded voice message linked to a well-known and famous song from a constantly updated library of 35,000 fully licenced song tracks, plus an eCard or PhotoCard using a selfie or image from their own device library. Consumers can then also include a digital eGift voucher which can be used in conjunction with a wealth of top UK retailers such as The Body Shop, National Trust, ASDA and more. Working in collaboration with these top retailers and brands, together JiveBird is able to put smiles on people’s faces at times of unease and unrest.

JiveBird is currently seeking further investment. Its Round 5 investment through Crowd for Angels and other sources is for up to an additional £200,000 at a valuation of £4.4m and benefits from EIS. JiveBird previously raised £150,000 in earlier Seed Rounds valued at £3m and £3.5m.

“We were keen to update our articles to protect the seed investors who have supported JiveBird in the early stages. Boodle Hatfield provided excellent advice and investors have really appreciated having that protection, especially as the projected ROI is so high.”

Dominic McGonigal, Director and Chair of JiveBird