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27 Mar 2020 Industry News COVID-19 – Practical Commercial Steps for Businesses to Take During the Pandemic We have been working with a whole range of businesses to help them address the many commercial issues thrown up by coronavirus. ... read more
25 Mar 2020 Industry News Update on Furlough and the Government’s coronavirus job retention scheme On 20 March 2020, the UK government announced an unprecedented wage guarantee scheme in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we wait for the UK government to provide further detail, this briefing explains what we currently know (and... read more
19 Mar 2020 Tips and tricks Covid19 Employment Update  Boodle Hatfield’s Employment Team has been working with clients to assess some of the severe challenges thrown up by the Covid 19 pandemic. Some of the responses are:   ... read more
11 Mar 2020 Legislation Entrepreneurs’ Relief curbed but not scrapped In today’s Budget it was announced that the lifetime limit on gains eligible for Entrepreneurs’ Relief (which offers a reduced 10% rate of Capital Gains Tax on qualifying disposals) will be reduced…   ... read more
02 Mar 2020 Industry News Legislation Entrepreneurs’ Relief use growing over twice as fast in the North as in London The value of capital gains against which Entrepreneurs’ Relief was claimed rose 22% in the North last year, increasing to £5.3bn in 2017/18, up from £4.3bn in 2016/17*. This compares to a 7% increase in London over the same period, risi... read more
27 Feb 2020 Industry News Notable Startup Failures of 2019   As useful as it is analysing the journeys of successful startups it can be equally instructive to look at the flip side, as referenced in this article from Beahurst. ... read more
11 Feb 2020 Industry News Legislation Government warned against scrapping Entrepreneur’s Relief The government has been warned against scrapping Entrepreneur’s Relief in the upcoming Budget. ... read more
06 Feb 2020 Industry News Funding International Expansion Funding international expansion. Here is a link to an article by business advisory firm, Buzzacott, on how to attract funding for international expansion. ... read more
16 Jan 2020 Industry News UK Tech Startups Who looks good in 2020? ... read more
06 Dec 2019 Legislation Tips and tricks Employee share schemes Offering employees shares in a business can be a great way to align interests and to recruit, motivate and retain staff. ... read more
21 Nov 2019 Tips and tricks What about real estate? Want to know what opportunities the founder and CEO of TravelPlus is excited about for the New Year? Check out his article on the Entrepreneur website. ... read more
04 Nov 2019 Ethics and sustainability Richer, not poorer – lessons from the ‘Ethical Capitalist’ ... read more