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02 Jun 2021 Tips and tricks Can’t find a buyer for your company? Sell it tax free to your employees. Employee ownership trusts are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to sell up, and for good reason, as we discuss… ... read more
25 May 2021 Industry News Tips and tricks UK’s pandemic start-up boom – hidden risks for divorcing entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs who are setting up businesses of their own ought to give careful consideration about the extent of the involvement of their spouse in their new endeavour… ... read more
17 May 2021 Legislation Tips and tricks Post-termination restrictive covenants – 6 things you need to know In the context of employment contracts, a ‘post-termination restrictive covenant’ is a clause in the contract which seeks to prevent a departing employee from engaging in certain activities after their employment has ended. (cli... read more
12 May 2021 Industry News UK’s start-up boom: all its seems? According to reports in the Financial Times, the pandemic has ignited a start-up boom in the UK. ... read more
23 Apr 2021 Industry News Early stage investments: the impact of Covid on term sheets & availability of equity funding While some tech start-ups have boomed, other early stage companies have been hit with the same uncertainties and difficulties that impacted the wider economy. ... read more
22 Mar 2021 Tips and tricks Exits: six things you need to think about As much as our entrepreneur clients love their businesses, for many it is the potential for a lucrative exit event that keeps them putting in the hours. The ideas covered are targeted at founders looking to exit via a sale of their business... read more
04 Mar 2021 Industry News Legislation UK Listings Rules: How do you catch a unicorn? The UK listing rules are currently in the spotlight, with the Government keen to make London a more attractive place for listings. It is easy to see why – the level of listings in the UK has fallen 40% since 2008. There are also conce... read more
15 Jan 2021 Industry News Do investors penalise female founders for lack of “industry fit”? Academics conducted a study on ventures seeking funding in different industries.  ... read more
04 Jan 2021 Ethics and sustainability Industry News Legislation Tips and tricks Becoming a B Corp – the legal implications Boodle Hatfield Associate, Hugo Brown and junior client advisor at Rothschild & Co, Tom O’Keeffe, outline what a B Corporation is, why more businesses no longer regard ESG as optional and the legal implications involved.  ... read more
14 Dec 2020 Tips and tricks Your first funding round – 6 things you need to know For many entrepreneurs completing their first round of funding is a well earned validation of the time and energy they have to put into their venture. As investors and founders both know, however, such a round is hopefully only a preliminar... read more
25 Nov 2020 Industry News CGT Review In July, the Chancellor commissioned the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to carry out a review of Capital Gains Tax. ... read more
12 Nov 2020 Tips and tricks How to start a business: Setting up and getting going This article is designed to be an introduction to some of the key practical matters an entrepreneur needs to deal with when they start a business… ... read more