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15 Jan 2021 Industry News Do investors penalise female founders for lack of “industry fit”? Academics conducted a study on ventures seeking funding in different industries.  ... read more
04 Jan 2021 Ethics and sustainabilityIndustry NewsLegislationTips and tricks Becoming a B Corp – the legal implications Boodle Hatfield Associate, Hugo Brown and junior client advisor at Rothschild & Co, Tom O’Keeffe, outline what a B Corporation is, why more businesses no longer regard ESG as optional and the legal implications involved.  ... read more
25 Nov 2020 Industry News CGT Review In July, the Chancellor commissioned the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to carry out a review of Capital Gains Tax. ... read more
30 Oct 2020 Industry News Entrepreneurship in the UK: how much does background matter? A report from the British Business Bank flags what many of us will have suspected – there is a link between the success of a new business and the background of the entrepreneur. ... read more
07 Oct 2020 Ethics and sustainabilityIndustry News Urban farming – an alternative use for commercial space? An entrepreneurial business plan and a fascinating use of commercial space in central London.  ... read more
18 Sep 2020 Industry News Do family businesses have more in common than they think? Rupert Merson (adjunct professor at London Business School) has written an interesting piece on how family businesses have more in common than they realise. ... read more
15 Sep 2020 Industry News FCA Business Interruption Insurance test case – good news for policyholders Judgment was handed down today in the business interruption insurance test case brought by the FCA, with the findings generally being positive for policyholders.The Court found that most of the relevant clauses provided cover to the insured... read more
17 Aug 2020 Industry NewsTips and tricks Who Needs Investors? 7 Tips for Bootstrapping Your Fashion Business Starting a fashion brand without the backing of family money or industry connections is difficult, but not impossible. So what does it take to succeed? ... read more
06 Aug 2020 Industry News Boodle Hatfield advises on one of the first loans from Government’s Coronavirus Future Fund Boodle Hatfield, the leading private wealth law firm, has advised on one of the first successful applications for finance from the Government’s coronavirus Future Fund for Cromwell Place, a first of its kind flexible art hub in South Kens... read more
29 Jul 2020 Industry News Trading up – how your company can become an investment vehicle for the long term Family Investment Companies (FICs) offer a way for families to co-invest together. An FIC’s constitutional documents can ensure there are good processes around decision making for the family wealth. ... read more
20 Jul 2020 Industry NewsLegislation Government needs to reintroduce indexation relief if it raises CGT rates Plans to review Capital Gains Tax (CGT) have raised speculation that headline rates may be increased later this year. Boodle Hatfield, the leading private wealth law firm, says that if the Government increases CGT rates, it should also cons... read more
10 Jul 2020 Industry NewsLegislationTips and tricks Are you flexi furlough ready? 10 issues for employers to consider It is estimated that the furlough scheme is currently subsidising the wages of approximately 9 million employees. We set out below some of the key issues for employers to consider as the furlough scheme changes. ... read more