How can we help?

We deal with entrepreneurs at every stage of the life-cycle of their business, providing clear, no-nonsense legal advice from start-up to exit and beyond. We present solutions, not problems, and work with you to simplify your legal affairs, not complicate them.

I want to start a business Getting the right legal advice and support for your business from the outset can help put you on the right track. There will be many challenges as you establish and grow your business – some of which will need legal help. Our accessible ... read more
I want help running the business As your business develops, new challenges and opportunities arise. You might need help negotiating a key commercial contract. You might want to buy a business which will complement your own. You might want to introduce an employee share in... read more
I want to raise money Raising money for a growing business comes with its own unique challenges. You will want to secure the best possible terms from new investors. You will want to take advantage of tried and tested tax incentives. You will want to know what s... read more
I want to protect my wealth For most successful entrepreneurs, protecting wealth for the benefit of family and future generations is a priority. For most family-owned businesses, the transfer of ownership and control by one generation to another requires special plan... read more
I want to invest in a business Successful entrepreneurs are often also angel investors: providing capital and experience to the next generation of growing businesses. No matter the sector, we can help structure your investment in the right way. ... read more
I want to sell my business Selling a business is one of the most important things an entrepreneur will ever do. Planning your exit is essential and something the Drive team can help with. The right preparation can significantly increase the value of your business an... read more
Launchpad – a cost-effective legal solution for start-ups ... read more